meet britt

Video by By Captivate Films

Hi, I'm Britt Jezak.

I'm so glad you're here! Thank you for taking the time to meet the face behind the lens. I'm a Washington state and travel destination Wedding Photographer, who specializes in making you look GOOD.

After six years of doing 'both jobs', I finally decided to leave my career at Amazon to pursue this 'side hustle entrepreneurship gig' full time.

In the first few months of this year, I was FLOORED by how much YOU, my magnificent community seemed to be rooting for me. Many of you have helped me to intentionally utilize my business as a force for good. But WOW - after I went full time into photography, that seemed to happen more times this year than I thought possible. To my surprise, some of these random acts of kindness ended up on the news. And the radio. Shortly after, I was interviewed on Jai Long's podcast, "Make Your Break." I couldn't believe it - and am still blown away by all of your support!

Then, I had the opportunity to host my first ever Photographer's Retreat- with the goal to inspire community over competition for those in my industry. Afterwards, My Greatness Series: Celebrating Black Fathers was asked to be published in a local Magazine, JapiCulture, which will hit the print in March of 2024.

Perhaps greatest of all, I now understand that my business is my greatest ally to building the life of my wildest dream for who and what I deeply love. It doesn't stand in the way, it is the way.

Thank you for being here, for believing in me and making it possible for me to live out my wildest dreams. I can't wait for what else is in store for us, and beyond all else, I just can't wait to have you continue to become a part of it.