It's no secret that the Pacific Northwest is unmatched when it comes to enjoying an endless summer in nature's beauty. But if there's one thing we know about locals in the PNW, it's how much they love, nay- LIVE to travel. That's why we've decided to bring the romance of Europe, home to you.

This fall, we are proud to invite all creatives who long to be photographing weddings in Italy, to our 2-day Tuscan Content Retreat, which will be held on Vashon Island, WA this September 22 - 23, 2023. This mega-content retreat boasts 4 heavily designed styled shoots that will walk through all aspects of romance.

Retreat Itinerary:

Day 1 - September 22, 2023

  • Starting with a high-end Italian couples picnic (surrounded by wild horses no less) and proposal, followed by a full Tuscan Wedding.
  • Two different model couples will be represented in each set. The Tuscan wedding includes wedding dress rental, full flower instal, lemoncello, tablescape design and rentals, flat lay, horses, and so much more.
  • The third styled shoot will be a Solo Bride, perfect to practice your fine art skills and artsy shots. After we've filled our memory cards with all 3 shoots, it's time to embrace our creative community! Maybe you'll even walk away with new friendships and business partners after enjoying each other's company.
  • *Note: Day 1 Only Photographers will head home at this time.*

But the night is still young! All Full-Package Retreat Photographers will then enjoy a drool-worthy dinner & drinks together and talk deep into the night (likely bonding over our love of people, and how honored we are to get to tell our clients stories for a living).

Overnight Accommodation is provided on site for all Full-Package Retreat guests. Spots are limited, as each photographer gets their own room and bed.

Day 2 - September 23, 2023

  • Rise and shine, Full-Package Retreat guests awake to coffee and breakfast together.
  • After all parties have had the chance to get ready for the day (and change their memory card!) we will meet our 4th and final model couple for the cozy, cottage couple styled shoot session.
  • This real-life engaged couple will be the couple goals of your entire feed.Cooking together, snuggling up in the AirbNb and sharing coffee on the back porch, this is the homey content of your dreams.

After the 4th styled shoot wraps, Photographers can exchange Branding Sessions with one another on site. Those interested can travel into town to grab lunch together in Downtown Vashon Island before catching the ferry ride home.

Ticket Pricing

The Tuscan Wedding Photographer's Retreat has two options

Day 1 Only - $650 for all 3 styled shoots, no meal or accommodation provided.

Day 1 + 2 : Full Retreat Package - $1000 for all 4 styled shoots, overnight accommodation, dinner and breakfast included with a deep emphasis on community, networking and fostering new friendships.